Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Fashion

I don't know if you're like me but I love watching the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics! I have no preferences in the sport; I cheer for all of them. Of course I cheer little bit more for Canada! I'm happy for everyone who wins and really sad for everyone who loses. These athletes are amazing, no matter where they come from. They all have the same goal, winning. Winning for their personal satisfaction but also for their country. They compete against each other but they also respect each other. That's the magic of the Olympic.

Another reason why I watch the Olympic is that I really like the outfits. Yes I know! what is wrong with me?!! But you have to agree with me, there is an Olympic Fashion!!! I have to say that this year almost every country has an unique outfit and it's so cool! When the athletes showed up at the Opening Ceremony it was beautiful! Each athlete were proud to represent their country by their outfits.

Of course my favorite outfit is Canada!!! I like also their accessories! I have a little preference for these red Olympic mittens. You can buy them at HBC/Zellers for $10. Did you know that they already sold 1.5 million pairs of these mittens?!!!!

Well before they are sold out I should go first thing in the morning to pick couple of pairs. Like that I would have a souvenir of the 2010 Winter Olympic.

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