Sunday, February 21, 2010


Vancouver is living at a different pace right now. The city is busy day and night for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Visitors/tourists from all around the world are there to cheer for their athletes and in their free time discover this beautiful city.

At least one time in their life people experienced losing a personal effect while vacationing. You see that situation quite often. You go in a restaurant and you realize later that you forgot your umbrella, your gloves, your glasses or even your wallet. For me I don't know why but I have this bad habit of forgetting my gloves everywhere.

But did you know that right now in Vancouver Public Transit System there is an increase in the number of lost goods?! Right now you are probably thinking the same thing as me; a lot of toques, gloves, cellular phones, some wallets and more.

But what I don't understand is how you can forget a dental retainer with a tooth still in it in a public bus? What the heck?! In a bus!! What were you thinking of removing that thing from your mouth in the first place!!! And what? You decide to put it slowly beside you on the bench?!! Come on!

You think I made up that story but NOOOO! It's the truth. The Vancouver Public Transit System stated that there were dealing with a massive mountain of lost treasures, including this dental retainer!!

Another even better on the list is an artificial limb! They didn't specify if it was an arm or a leg but can you believe that?!!! The guy got help from the bus driver to get in, got a seat and what?! he decides to remove his leg just to make himself comfortable, and Oups! Time flies and he realized he's at destination, so he walks down the bus, leave Mr. Limb behind and walks home perfectly fine!! Oh I see! It's the Magic Bus!! Woohoo! I can walk now!!

What kind of world are we living! Come on! There's no such thing as The Magic Bus, because if it would exist I would pop in and get out a few blocks away with a slim body, wrinkle free and no more beaver tail boobs!

But just thinking of it, that would be a better world, right?!!
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  2. Salut Jeunne Branche! I really like your post. Funny, as you always are. I lost a pair of underwear at the bowling alley once...but nothing on the bus :-)

    I look forward to hearing more of your life observations!