Monday, April 26, 2010

What the heck is wrong with our society?

I was in shock to read an article in the newspaper about a 31 year-old lesbian woman being attacked by a teenager. Yes a teenager...14 years old. He has been charged with aggravated assault.

That lady was out one night and a group of young men started to yell at her with homophobic slurs. And when one decided to jump on her it was not for hugs. The 14 year old boy viciously attacked her and broke her jaw and the bone below her eye socket.

She had reconstructive surgery and the doctors had to put two metal plates in her face. The doctors told her that she may have permanent nerve damage.

The worst part is that when the lady reported that incident to the police department, the police officer who took care of the file didn't finish and file his report before his shift ended and he went on days off; means that there was no record of the incident that was available to other officers.

I couldn't believe the nightmare that happened to that lady. To my opinion she was basically victim not only of one crime but two, by the 14 year-old boy who beat her and by the police officer who totally ignored her case.

There is so many stories that happened regarding homosexual citizens. What the heck is wrong with our society?!! Don't know but sometimes I really think that we are living in a "retard" and ignorant country. These people deserves the right to live like everybody else.

I have some gay friends and they are like you and me. No difference. Let them live the life they want to live and by the way, they deserve the same privacy like us and the same protection.

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