Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And Voilà!!!

I finally posted them! Yes the pictures of our mobile home makeover. These renovations took 6 months working part-time in evenings and weekends, but we are very proud of the result! All the rooms are here with ''Before and After'' pictures. Please be my guest and leave a comment! Enjoy!
BEFORE Front mobile home. I have to mention that the roof was completely flat when we bought the house. You can see on this picture that we already started the new roof.
AFTER Front Mobile Home. Everything was changed: new entrance on the left, new SolarBan windows and doors, new roof. The only thing left to do is to install the porch, deck and stairs railings.

BEFORE kitchen. This kitchen really needed an extreme makeover! As you can see everything needed to be gone, especially the marble mirrors that was all around the kitchen cabinets. Yep...scary. There was also blue carpets on the floor. No wonder that kitchen smelled so weird!!

AFTER kitchen. Welcome in my new 2010 kitchen! Totally upgraded white kitchen with modern look! Ceramic tiles, glass backsplash, new fridge, stove and microwave/fan to save space. The kitchen cabinets, handles and countertop are from Ikea. I would recommend the Ikea Kitchen cabinets to anyone who needs new cabinets. The hardware is fantastic and the installation is pretty easy. And their prices are pretty affordable compare to other stores.

BEFORE Living room. This living room was so crowded because the layout was really bad. There was a wall that separated the living room from the kitchen. There was a fireplace in the middle of the living room that was taking half of the space. On that picture the fireplace and the carpet was already removed.

AFTER Living room. It's an open plan open with the kitchen and the entrance/addition. It makes a huge difference in space. You can have a lot of guests at the same time and you don't feel crowded. It makes a big difference!

BEFORE Bathroom. That bathroom really looked 1970's. The wall still had wood panelling that was paint on top. The floor had an old linoleum and because there was no windows it was always dark.

AFTER Bathroom. That bathroom is a good size bathroom and includes laundry room too! Ceramic tiles on shower walls and floor, new vanity, laundry room cabinets, countertop, mirror, sink, taps, toilet, tub etc. etc. And I can't forget the nice window that give so much light!

BEFORE Entrance/Addition. As you can see this addition was used mostly for storage and entrance to go to the mobile home door. It was not insulated and the windows were made with plexiglass panels.

AFTER Entrance/Addition. This addition is not used as storage anymore but it is part of the mobile home. The dimension is 12' by 14' and bring an additional space of 168 sq.ft. It is totally insulated (walls and floor) and includes a huge closet, 2 windows facing the frontyard and backyard, 2 doors (entrance and backyard). The backyard door brings you to a deck. The floor is wood laminate and ceramic tiles. This part is open with the living room and separated by an arch.

BEFORE Bedroom. There was two bedrooms almost identical in the mobile home. As you can see it was the "1975 look"!

AFTER Bedroom. Totally renovated bedrooms ( i included only pictures of 1 bedroom). 2 closets and 2 windows in this one and a nice entertainment place with a nice fireplace and T.V. Both bedrooms have all the wires for cable and satellite. The floors are wood laminate.

BEFORE Hallway. The walls were made of wood panelling with a trim each 4' and was painted on top. The floor was covered with blue carpet.

AFTER Hallway. A nice neutral color with white trims everywhere and a nice wood laminate floor! There is also a brand new window and emergency exit door.
I hope that these photos gave you a little idea of what it looked like before. Now we can say that this mobile home is really comfortable, relaxing and bright.
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  1. I just stumbled accross you blog, may i say this is an AMAZING reno! It never occured to me a mobile home could be so URBAN looking. Really lovely job, you have a lot of vision to have undertaken it. Thanks!

  2. All I can say is WOW, what a lovely job you have done on your home. I would love to be able to do that to my double wide that is in desperate need of some TLC. Great job, now you can come and do mine?!?

  3. It's an inspiration!!!! I just bought a mobile home that it has been vandalized and my goal is to do exactly what you did, even removing the wall from the kitchen to make the open space. Your decor colors are my taste. Thank you for sharing.

  4. So lovely and up to date. I can't do that much to mine but sure have a lot of great ideas from your posting. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. WOW is all I can think of right now because I'm speechless!!! I just bought a single wide and in the process of remodeling. I have to keep telling myself.... 1 thing at a time!! Lol but yours is absolutely amazing!! I swear I wouldn't have even known it was a mobile home if I wasn't told!! Awesome job!!

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  7. I got some great ideas from your experience. Thank you for sharing!! I haven't started yet but will be on a fixed income and have to be on a tight budget. I believe I can do this soon!